What Does That Being Said Mean?

How do you use with that said in a sentence?

Here are two more examples from the Learner’s Dictionary:Their work has been fairly good.

Having said that, I still think there’s room for improvement.Much of the book was very dull.

Having said that, I have to admit that the ending was extremely clever..

Is it correct to say that being said?

4 Answers. Both “that said” and “that being said” are common (possibly too common) and perfectly grammatical, and sufficiently formal as well. “Having said that” is also correct, but to be correct the subject in what follows must be whoever said that (usually “I”).

How do you use that being said?

How to use the “that being said”With that being said, I left the room.While that being said, I was driving.In that being said, I jumped off the roof.As that being said made me fall to my knees and cry.That being said, she locked the door and turned off the light.

What’s the meaning of that being said?

That being said (or that having been said) is used as a transition from something you have just said to something different, often something that contradicts the first thing. It is close in meaning to however. I love apples.

Is it that said or that being said?

Usage notes “That said” is an appropriate truncation of “that having been said”, which is correct in that the clause refers back to what was just stated in the prior sentence. “That being said” is incorrect since the prior sentence is in the past, and “being said” implies simultaneity.

What does without being said mean?

The phrase “goes without being said” means that most people know and agree with what is being said. Example: It goes without being said that all cats love tuna.