Quick Answer: What Does Thrilled Mean?

How do you use thrilled in a sentence?

Thrilled sentence examplesHe was thrilled with the news.

Betsy was thrilled to lead the game.

I’m thrilled for you princess.

Our father would be thrilled at how well you’ve done.

She sounded thrilled about the baby, on the phone.More items….

What is the similar meaning of thrilled?

Synonyms of ‘thrilled’ They’re pleased to be going home. excited. He was so excited he could hardly speak. delighted.

What are 4 other words to describe overwhelmed?

Synonyms & Antonyms of overwhelmcrush,devastate,floor,grind (down),oppress,overcome,overmaster,overpower,More items…

How do you use overjoyed in a sentence?

Examples of overjoyed in a Sentence She was overjoyed to see her sister again. They weren’t overjoyed at the idea of working together. I’m overjoyed that you can come to my party.

Is thrilled a feeling?

Feeling a very strong emotion: atingle, excited, fired up, worked up. Informal: psyched.

What does overwhelmed mean?

verb (used with object) to overcome completely in mind or feeling: overwhelmed by remorse. to overpower or overcome, especially with superior forces; destroy; crush: Roman troops were overwhelmed by barbarians.

How do you explain being overwhelmed?

1 : upset, overthrow The tornado overwhelmed many mobile homes. 2a : to cover over completely : submerge The city was overwhelmed by the flooding caused by the hurricane. b : to overcome by superior force or numbers The city was overwhelmed by the invading army.

What is another word for exciting?

What is another word for exciting?thrillingexhilaratingintriguingamazingemotionalastonishingprovokingabsorbingstrikingarresting221 more rows

What is another word for grateful?

What is another word for grateful?thankfulappreciativebeholdenappreciatorygladgratifiedobligatedpleasedfilled with gratitudeunder obligation37 more rows

What it means to be thrilled?

to affect one with a wave of emotion or excitement. to be stirred by a tremor or tingling sensation of emotion or excitement: He thrilled at the thought of home. to cause a prickling or tingling sensation; throb.

What means delighted?

English Language Learners Definition of delighted : made very happy : full of great pleasure or satisfaction. See the full definition for delighted in the English Language Learners Dictionary. delighted. adjective. de·​light·​ed | \ di-ˈlī-təd \

What is another word for overjoyed?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for overjoyed, like: enraptured, thrilled, transported, charmed, happy, upset, disappointed, dejected, depressed, elate and elated.

What is a sentence for thrill?

What Is a One-Sentence Paragraph? A one-sentence paragraph is simply an entire paragraph made of a single sentence. The one-sentence paragraph comes in two varieties: A paragraph made up of one short sentence that makes its main point transparent.

How do you use schedule in a sentence?

Schedule sentence examplesTheir schedule seems pretty consistent. … Pick up a copy of your schedule as you head out. … The flight was on schedule and thankfully there was little time for forced conversation. … In the next month, her schedule became routine. … “We can’t keep up this schedule,” Betsy sighed as we crossed into Connecticut.More items…

Is overwhelming a positive word?

You might enjoy a stack of pancakes for breakfast, but you’d probably find a truckload of pancakes overwhelming. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed by emotion, and this can be a positive or negative experience, depending on the emotion.