Quick Answer: How Much Do AT&T Reps Make?

What are the benefits of AT&T?

AT&T AdvantagesBuilding you a better network.

SM …

More for your money.

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Innovative solutions and devices.

More help when you need it.

Making you happy, makes us happy..

Do they drug test at AT&T?

AT&T does a pre-employment drug screening, and any time a personal injury or company motor vehicle accident occurs. Yes there is a drug test required.

How much do AT&T sales reps make hourly?

The typical AT&T Sales Representative makes $16 per hour. Sales Representative hourly pay at AT&T can range from $9 – $35.

How much do AT&T sales consultants make?

The typical AT&T Sales Consultant salary is $48,263. Sales Consultant salaries at AT&T can range from $22,668 – $101,511.

Does AT&T get paid weekly?

The pay isBiweekly. Bi-weekly. Commission paid once a month.

What is the starting pay at AT&T?

How much does AT&T – Customer Service in the United States pay? Average AT&T hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Customer Advocate to $42.00 per hour for Customer Service Technician.

Is AT&T retail sales consultant a good job?

Overall a good experience. I enjoyed my employment with AT&T. Great pay, benefits and retirement. The opportunity for advancement is available as well with training and relocation options as well.

What benefits do AT&T employees get?

Benefits SummaryHealth Insurance (2,529)Dental Insurance (717)Flexible Spending Account (FSA) (667)Vision Insurance (715)Health Savings Account (HSA) (685)Life Insurance (704)Supplemental Life Insurance (687)Disability Insurance (677)More items…

How much does a phone salesman make?

Cell Phone Retail Sales Representative SalariesJob TitleSalaryU.S. Cellular Cell Phone Retail Sales Representative salaries – 1 salaries reported$30,359/yrU.S. Cellular Cell Phone Retail Sales Representative salaries – 1 salaries reported$9/hr10 more rows•Jun 11, 2019

How much commission does an AT&T rep make?

So assuming $14/hr is normative now, years later, you’re looking at $29,120/yr in base pay. Assuming an average rep makes another $1000/mo in commission that’s another $12,000/yr, equaling a total comp $41,120, just a hair under $20/hr.

How much do sales associates make at AT&T?

The typical AT&T Retail Sales Associate makes $16 per hour. Retail Sales Associate hourly pay at AT&T can range from $9 – $21.

How much do part time AT&T sales reps make?

The typical AT&T Part Time Retail Sales Consultant makes $18 per hour. Part Time Retail Sales Consultant hourly pay at AT&T can range from $12 – $20. This estimate is based upon 6 AT&T Part Time Retail Sales Consultant salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much do sales associates make at Verizon?

The typical Verizon Sales Associate salary is $35,956. Sales Associate salaries at Verizon can range from $25,220 – $84,655.

What is risk commission?

Pay at risk is the portion of an employee’s compensation that is variable, or “at risk” of not being paid out. This “at-risk pay” is typically performance-based and is in contrast to the fixed pay (salary) that the employee receives as a condition of employment.

How much does a sales consultant make a year?

Salary and Benefits The median income for sales consultants is about $70,000 a year, but it can range from $35,000 to $133,000, again, depending on the industry and the success of the individual consultant. Benefits can also vary with employment type and industry.

Is AT&T a good place to work?

AT&T is a great place to work. The company might be big but you meet so pretty amazing people from all walks of life. Great place to work, very diverse. Very competitive salary.

Who pays more Verizon or AT&T?

To many consumers, Verizon Communications Inc. VZ 0.05% and AT&T Inc. … At least that is what it looks like from newly disclosed pay figures, which show Verizon paid its median employee nearly $127,000 last year while AT&T’s median worker made about $78,000.

Is AT&T a commission?

Yes. Commissions are also called at risk because your at risk to make loads of money. … commissions are paid monthly for and your regular salary is still 2 checks a month. ATT reps are union employees and they receive a small incremental raise every 6 months.

How old do you have to be to work at an AT&T store?

18 years oldFacts About Working at AT&T Minimum Age to Work at AT&T: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at AT&T?)