Quick Answer: Do English Shops Accept Scottish Notes?

Can I use English money in Scotland?

The currency in Scotland is not different from the rest of the United Kingdom in that it is also consists of British Pounds (£), although Scottish banks print their own versions.

You will, however, not have a problem when using English notes anywhere in Scotland..

Is refusing notes in Scotland illegal?

The notes are also legal currency and are approved by the UK Parliament, however, Scottish banknotes are often refused at the discrepancy of the business. If a banknote is refused, there is very little you can do as payment is essentially a matter for agreement between the parties involved.

Can I use a Scottish 10 note in England?

Basically you can spend Scottish & Irish money anywhere in the UK as it is a legal tender denominated and backed by sterling the currency the bank of England notes are issued in. … Cash is cash as long as its sterling!

Are Scottish notes accepted in England?

Scottish notes circulate and are accepted quite freely in Scotland and, for the most part, they are also readily accepted in England & Wales, although branches of Scottish banks there may not issue them.

Will English banks change Scottish notes?

The Scottish note issuing banks will continue to accept old paper based notes and there are currently no plans to change this.” Advice to customers and non-customers for exchanging notes. Issuing banks will continue to accept all Scottish notes from their own customers.

Does Asda accept Scottish notes?

Yes, you can use Scottish notes across the UK. It’s all sterling. … Not sure if it works but can those self service machines in supermarkets like Tesco or Asda actually accept Scottish note?

Though strictly not legal tender in Scotland, Scottish banknotes are nevertheless legal currency and are generally accepted throughout the United Kingdom. … The £20 note is currently the third largest denomination of banknote issued by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Does Aldi accept Scottish notes?

Iceland shops in Scotland will also continue to accept the paper £10 and £5 Scottish banknotes. Aldi said it will accept payments in old paper £10 notes until Good Friday (March 30), while Morrisons shoppers can use their old tenners until March 16 – two weeks after the Royal Mint’s deadline.

Why do Scottish banks issue notes?

To aid identification the Scottish banks have all agreed to issue notes of specific value in the same predominant colour.

Where can I get English notes in Scotland?

A spokesman for the bank said: “All Bank of Scotland branches provide Scottish notes, however, in order to provide the type of banknotes that meet our customers’ needs, a number of our branches offer a choice of both Scottish and English notes.

Do shops take Scottish notes?

English banknotes aren’t legal tender in Scotland. Scottish notes aren’t legal tender in England or Scotland. Debit cards, cheques and contactless aren’t legal tender anywhere.

Scottish banknotes are unusual, first because they are issued by retail banks, not government central banks, and second, because they are technically not legal tender anywhere in the United Kingdom – not even in Scotland. … Instead the Scottish banks withdraw old notes from circulation as they are banked.

Can you spend Scottish pound notes in England?

Scottish notes are not legal tender in England and Wales (or actually even in Scotland). English notes are not legal tender in Scotland, they are both promisary notes when used outside of their legitimate areas.

How can I tell if my Scottish notes are real?

Hold the note up to the light and with the SEE THROUGH effect you should see coloured irregular shapes printed on the front and back of the note that when combined form the Bank of Scotland logo. Always compare both sides of a suspect note to one you know to be genuine. The differences will become apparent more easily.

Which cash machine gives English notes?

The only ATMs that I know dispense English notes are internal RBS machines, or HSBC machines.

What ATM gives English notes in Glasgow?

The cash machine airside, next to the Travelex counter, issues English notes “free” of charge.

Do Morrisons accept Scottish notes?

Morrisons insisted that “unfortunately, it is no longer a requirement to accept Scottish or Northern Irish notes” but that “some of our stores still take them”. … They may take English notes but are under no obligation to.