Question: What Is A Tweaker?

What is a tweaker girl?

a promiscuous female.

She’s a tweaker.

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A small screwdriver used to adjust (Tweak) an electronic potentiometer..

What does tweaking mean in drugs?

The. The article is misleading – tweaking is a term used to describe the final stage of the effects of drugs like meth, speed and others. After the initial rush, then the prolonged high, the “come-down” is the tweaking, where users become uncomfortable, twitchy and cannot sleep.

What does geeking mean?

Geeking is a term used by drug users to describe binge crack use — using crack cocaine over and over in a short period of time, at higher and higher doses, to stay high. … “Geeking” is also used to describe the paranoia seen in people using crack.

What does tweaking mean on Snapchat?

A plugin, or “tweak,” is an add-on that creates additional functionalities not included in the official Snapchat app. If you use them or have them installed on your device, you may have trouble logging in — or your Snapchat account may even get locked. Examples of unauthorized third-party apps include: SCOthman.

What is a tweaker neighbor?

2 slang : a person who illicitly uses methamphetamine and especially crystal meth When he got like this, his neighbors would scream at him and threaten to call the cops, but they were tweakers too.—

Where did the term tweaker come from?

“Tweaker” is a slang term for a methamphetamine addict, and it comes from the term “tweak,” which is another name for methamphetamine.

What does it mean when someone says you’re tweaking?

“Tweaking” is a slang term for the compulsive, disorganized behavior that methamphetamine users exhibit, particularly after large doses or long periods of repeated dosing.

What does tweek mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to make usually small adjustments in or to tweak the controls especially : fine-tune. 2 : to injure slightly.

What is tweaker behavior?

Tweaking. The last stage of methamphetamine misuse happens when the person who inappropriately uses methamphetamine becomes paranoid and irritable because of a lack of sleep for about 3 to 15 days. This behavior is called “tweaking,” and the person with this behavior is known as the “tweaker.”