Question: How Heavy Is A 17 Seater Minibus?

What is the maximum weight a Transit van can carry?

3,365kg in 340 series models.

3,500kg (aka 3.5 tonnes or 3.5t) in 350 series models (all Transit DCiVs are 350 series) 4,700kg in 470 series models (RWD L4H3 Transit vans only).

How long is the back of a Ford Transit?

The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford Transit cargo space is 3200mm (L1), 3650mm (L2), and 4374mm (L3). The interior width of the Transit van is 1786mm and the exterior width is 2113mm. The interior height of the Ford Transit is 1445mm (H1), 1829mm (H2), and 2070mm (H3).

How many seats does a traveler have?

26 Seat Tempo TravelerVehicle Model2014Sitting Capacity26Maximum Speed80ColorWHITEMinimum Order Quantity1 Day

How tall is a Ford Transit van in feet?

MeasurementsMeasurementsCargo capacity, all seats in place357.0 cu.ft.Height100.7 in.Wheel base147.6 in.Width81.3 in.2 more rows

How long is a 17 seater minibus?

Ford Transit 17 Seater MinibusInformationFeetInchesOverall Width7’84″Overall Height8’96Overall Height with Roof Rack8’7103Overall Length21′ 82603 more rows

How big is a minibus?

Minibuses | Shuttle Buses have average lengths of 23′ (7.01 m), widths of 7’4” (2.24 m), heights of 8’9” (2.67 m), and have a capacity of 14 (+2) seats. Minibuses, or shuttle buses, are vehicles with passenger capacities below the larger full-size bus and more than the smaller minivan.

Can you drive a bus on a car Licence UK?

There are special licensing arrangements allowing you to drive minibuses and buses without holding the higher Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) driving licence entitlement. Drivers of minibuses having nine to 16 passenger seats will need to hold a PCV licence category D1 or a category D licence to drive larger buses.

What is d1 on your driving Licence?

D1 is a category on your driving licence that permits you to legally drive vehicles of between 9 & 16 seats. If you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you’ll automatically have category D1 on your licence. … To drive a minibus with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes or 4.25 with a passenger lift.

Is a Ford Transit under 3.5 tonnes?

Vans Under 3.5 Tonnes A standard driving licence will display a category ‘B’ classification, which allows you to operate the majority of basic vans like the Ford Transit. … This means that it’s total net weight should not exceed 3,500kg (3.5 tonnes).

How heavy is a 16 seater minibus?

3500kgsWith the arrival of the new regulations in October 2011 the construction weight of basic Minibuses has increased, as has the required payload allowance per passenger. Only a very few models are available with 16 seats as a new Minibus with a gross weight of 3500kgs, and registered in accordance with the law.

Can I drive a nine seater minibus?

If you passed your driving test on or after 1 January 1997 You do not automatically have the D1 entitlement on your licence. However, you can still drive anything from a 9 seater minibus up to a 16 seater as long as the following conditions are met: You’re at least 21 years old. … You’re driving for social purposes.

What category is a 17 seater minibus?

You may drive a category B licence minibus with up to 9 seats and weighing up to 3.5 tonnes and you can also drive a D1 minibus over 3.5 tonne and up to 17 seats.

What is a small bus called?

MinibusMinibus – A bus that is smaller than normal buses.

What is the unladen weight of a Ford Transit?

Ford / TransitTransit 260 2.2 TDCi SWB l/r 85Gross Payload (Kg)991Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg)2600Kerb Weight (Kg)1609Towing Limit (Kg)90013 more rows

How tall is a transit?

Outside Vehicle MeasurementsVEHICLEWIDTHHEIGHTFORD TRANSIT SWB6’9 ft6’4 ft1.90m1.93mFORD TRANSIT SWB SEMI HI6’2 ft6’5 ft1.83m1.60m16 more rows